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Dark matter is a pillar of modern cosmology and provides strong evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model. Its impact on cosmology is modelled in N-body simulations, its distribution is being mapped with weak lensing studies, its production is being searched for at the LHC and its detection is sought for directly in deep underground detectors or indirectly through observation of its annihilation products.

The summer meeting of DMUK, a forum for all those interested in dark matter to discuss their work, will take place at the University of Edinburgh on 28 July 2017.

Registration, requests for contributed talks and places at the evening collaboration dinner, are available at this address: http://www.epay.ed.ac.uk/conferences-events/college-of-science-and-engineering/school-of-physics-and-astronomy/physics-and-astronomy/dmuk

Thanks to financial support there is NO FEE for the meeting, but the collaboration meal has a fee of £40.

A more complete website should be up and running soon. In the meantime you can contact Chamkaur Ghag @ UCL or Christopher McCabe @ KCL if you need more information. A quick Google search will bring up our contact details.